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Military, Police, and First Responder Discounts

See if Atomic Defense offers first responder discounts for military, police, and other emergency response personnel. Thank you for considering us for your safety needs.

Do we ship to your country? Outside of the USA.

Some non-ballistic items can be shipped internationally.  All items can be shipped to a US receiving address.

Why has no one responded to me?

Most of our staff works 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Pacific Time, Monday - Friday.  Outside of those hours, we go home and are with our families. If you have not gotten a message back to your email or chat message within 24-48 Business Hours, something is wro

Does Atomic Defense ship/sell to my state? I.e., New York, Connecticut, etc?

You will be the responsible party in understanding your state's laws and ensuring that you are able to purchase and/or own body armor or other equipment. View more here.

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