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How to use a bulletproof backpackUpdated 13 days ago

Color of the armor inserts and customizing.

Don't want black?  Don't worry!  You can paint and draw over the armor and make it a different color or piece of art. 

If you have kids, we highly recommend making the painting of the armor a family project. Talk about what it is, what they should tell someone who asks, and how it works.

Training children

It's recommended to "gamify" this part of the training and knowledge to engrain it into the person using the backpack.

The most effective way for children and adults to understand is to give them the backpack and try shooting them with a Nerf™ gun or gel blaster.

Why the armor is removable

It is simply the best way for so many reasons.  We've been doing this for years.

The insert is removable, allowing for separate washing of the backpack and the insert without compromising the plate's integrity.

The backpack allows for easy changing of armor inserts, depending on the situation or the child's age.

Monitoring the insert's condition is possible to ensure it remains undamaged and maintains high-performance standards.

Easy transferability of the bulletproof insert to another backpack or bag when the current one becomes outdated or goes out of style.

Rigorous testing of backpacks to ensure comfortable fit and weight distribution with the plates.

Flexibility to position the plate in the desired location within the backpack.

All backpacks available on the market with sewn-in armor usually only go up to IIIA, which stops pistol-caliber bullets. Our bulletproof backpacks can accommodate plates that offer protection against high-powered rifle rounds with Level III/III+ or IV/IV+ bulletproof ratings because they are detachable.

How to sew the armor in (not recommended - see above)

Any local sewing shop should be able to sew in the armor to a set location or put a velcro cover over the plate to hide it. 

Usually costs around $5-$20, depending on the fabric and the backpack model. 

Direction to face the armor

Writing on the front of the plate says "STRIKE FACE" - face that text away from the user.  

The curved area that has the sticker should be against your back when it's in the backpack.

What to do if the armor smells "funny" (Lightweight models)

This happens when the waterproof coating and seal on the outside of the armor is brand new.  When the coating is still new it will have a smell.  Don't worry; it's not that. Only that the coating is fresh.  

Spray some dish soap on it that is diluted with water, and then use a dry cloth to wipe it off. The smell will disappear as the coating cures. 

Armor ratings that Atomic Defense uses and why (+ versus non)

Does your armor rating not have a plus sign?  For example, III and not III+?  All of our armor is "+" rated, regardless of the plate markings.  Why we do this: Government agencies and contracts we work with do not want the "+" label, so we remove it from our labels.  

Will the armor still stop AR-15 5.56 and AK-47 7.62?  Yes, the ability and rating of the plates are still III+, IIIA+, and IV+. 

For example, everything on the below chart is Atomic Defense's armor and what they can stop:

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