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What is the difference between the different backpack and armor levels?Updated 13 days ago

*This information can also be seen in the description on the backpack's webpage*

  • Only 1 in about 30 backpacks we test meets our requirements for inserts and quality.
  • Our backpacks come with a Lifetime Warranty covering all kinds of manufacturing defects.
  • Depending on your armor selection, our armor floats in water, self-heals itself to stop more bullets, is waterproof, stabproof, and more!

Comparison of Backpacks and Different Armor Types:

Different backpacks use different sizes of armor inserts.  The adult backpacks would use an 11x14" inch insert on the rear pocket (by default), but could be moved to two other pockets - out of 5 on some backpacks. Most of our children-focused backpacks use 10x12" armor inserts.

All of our level 3/III, aka (3+/III+ for all of our 3/III armor), and 4/IV armor offers AR-15 5.56x45 and AK-47 7.62x39 FMJ protection.  Beating the industry level III (3) standard of only AK-47 7.62x39 FMJ protection. (Budget-friendly without any sacrifice in quality or storage space)

OR (Lighter weight and is focused on security and concealment.  Instead of lots of storage space)

OR (Child-focused, smaller, and more lightweight)

How Much Does Each Bulletproof Level Weigh?

  • Level 4 (IV): Seven to nine pounds, about the weight of a laptop or a gallon of milk. 

  • Level 3 (III): Four to six pounds, about the weight of a jacket or a small laptop. 

  • Level 3A (IIIA): Between 0.8 and two pounds, about the weight of a plastic water bottle or a 70-page notebook.

Armor Ratings Comparison Chart:  
*All of our level IIIA/3A and III/3 armor is rated for "+", will stop knives, and are fire resistant.*

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