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Do we ship to your country? Outside of the USA.Updated 2 days ago

U.S. Military Members: Order normally.  We ship to APO/FPO/DPO P.O. Boxes.

For international customers, please read this and let us know if you need any further assistance!

How to place an order: 

Step 1: Click here to get a shipping address and select "Gardena, CA".  Requires a shipping deposit of $5 USD. (Non-refundable)

Step 2: Enter the US address into the "Shipping Address" field at checkout.  (Your billing address must match your credit card's billing address.) 

Some of the main details you need to know*:

- We do not accept returns on international orders. 

- Packages returned before leaving the US have a 20% restocking fee. 

- We are not responsible for customs or shipping on international orders. This includes delays. You are responsible for pick-up. 

- Countries considered enemies of the United States will not be shipped to. 

- We will not ship to pass-through or shell entities. 

Most non-ballistic items can be shipped internationally.*  

Most items can be shipped to a U.S. address.*

If you aren’t sure about an item, place an order. We will contact you if it is restricted, ID verification is needed, etc.

If you do not provide a U.S. shipping address and the item can be shipped internationally, it will go through customs clearance and export clearance and could take up to 1-3 months to be delivered if you do not follow the "Step 1" guide. Please provide your U.S. address if you cannot wait, and we can ship in-stock products today.  

Some items have restrictions, regulations, or delays; you must check the delays on the product page.  You are the responsible party for understanding restrictions and regulations.

U.S. military items with export restrictions by a U.S. government agency do not ship internationally unless you are a U.S. agency or service member. The package will go to your base's PO.

*Specific exclusions may apply or are determined on a case-by-case basis.  We reserve the right to reject or modify orders as needed and may do so without prior notice to comply with laws, regulations, and rules.  

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