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Does Atomic Defense ship/sell to my state? IE: NY and CTUpdated 13 days ago

We ship mostly worldwide, but CT and NY have restrictions.

At the time of writing: Connecticut and New York have restrictions on purchasing and owning body armor.  Citizens of Connecticut and New York must be a Business, LEO, Military, or another allowed entity to purchase body armor.

You are responsible for understanding your state's laws and ensuring you can purchase and own body armor or other equipment before completing a purchase.

We will only ship to FFL gun dealers in certain states where body armor needs to be purchased face-to-face from those dealers.  In that case, it would be picked up from that dealer's location. Call and ask your FFL if this is something they can do.  

We ship to New York and Connecticut for approved parties, entities, and individuals.  Consult your attorney or employer to see if you qualify.**

As seen in our legal section:

If your state has restrictions or laws for the use, purchase, ownership, or transfer of body armor or other equipment sold by Atomic Defense.  You agree by purchasing on the Website that you are a Law Enforcement Officer, Military Member, etc. and are allowed by your state laws to make and complete the purchase online.

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