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I paid for faster shipping, but my order has not shipped yet.Updated 6 days ago

Quick Facts:

  • Orders placed after 1:00 PM, California, Pacific Time, will usually go out the next day.  (Because USPS/UPS will have already come for the day.)
  • We have a minimum 1-2 day package prep and handling time for almost all items.  For example, if you need a package in 5 days, choose a faster shipping method like 1-2 days, so we have time to pack the boxes and schedule pickups with your selected carrier.
  • Production notices/delays, UPS/USPS weather, and unforeseen delays (see package carrier's website)
  • PAID SHIPPING REFUNDS: If the USPS/UPS did not deliver your package in time, we're sorry, we paid them to do so, and they have disappointed both you and us.  USPS/UPS now has the money and they have shipping guarantees.  Visit their website to file a refund claim!

Step 1 (Checking the product's page): 

Check for delays by visiting the product's page.  Delays are listed in red at the top of the description.  The shipping speed you chose will speed up delivery and will be faster than our free shipping.

You'll likely see something like this: *Images here are old. Check your specific product today.*

Or something like this:

Step 2 (Contacting support):

If no delay is shown on the product page, let us know, and we can see the issue is. 

Typically, it's nothing to worry about - no matter what, we're here to help.  The most common issues are:

  • USPS/UPS has not picked up the package yet or missed their scheduled pick-up.
  • USPS/UPS and the Atomic Defense computers did not sync tracking information properly, and we need to update the tracking number manually.

Step 3 (Rare cases - Out of stock, and I did not see the red delay notice)

If you did not see the red notices in the product's description and cannot wait, that's ok!  It happens!

The two most common fixes:

  • Support can switch you to an in-stock product and get that product shipped. (Ask support for recommendations)
  • Waiting for the estimated time window listed in the product's delay sentence. Usually, things are ready to ship faster than the estimated delay.
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