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Existing Orders

Have an existing order question? Start here.

What is my order number?

How do you find your order number or what does it look like?

My order has not shipped. What is the status?

Your order hasn't shipped yet, let's cover delays and possible reasons!

I paid for faster shipping, but my order has not shipped yet.

Hey there, have you paid for faster shipping but your item hasn't been shipped yet? No worries, we can definitely get that sorted out for you today. Let's take a closer look at your order and see what's going on.

My order shows as delivered, but it was not.

Having an issue with an order delivery? Either not delivered or was delivered to the wrong location? Can you help me with this? What are some common solutions and troubleshooting steps?

What I received was damaged from shipping.

Was it shipped with USPS or UPS? Let's work together to resolve this issue.

UPS/USPS has lost the package in-transit. What do I do?

This question is more for UPS/USPS, but we'll try to help you here with some instructions. Most common solutions:. Most common solutions:

What is the exchange and return policy?

Our exchanges and return policy page can be seen here: For help or questions, please email us.

Need to edit your order?

Please email us and let us know how you would like to edit your order, and we'll fix it for you!.