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I received an email for me to prove who I am. ID and Card.Updated 3 months ago

The email will come from "[email protected]"

If your order has been marked as possible fraud in our system, and will be held for shipment.  Please provide the following for verification:  

This is the same process they do in any other physical store.  The only difference, we can't see you online, so we need to verify who you are.

1. A clear and colored photo of your government-issued photo ID. (e.g., Driver's license/ Passport/ Identity card).

· Please ensure the photo is not blurry and all information is clearly visible enough to read.

2. A photo of the front of the card used for this transaction. Please block out the card number with your finger EXCEPT for the last four digits. We'll need the name of the bank, your name, and the card expiry date to be shown as well. If these details are on the back of your card, please block your security code with your finger (3-digit number at the back).

· Ensure you ONLY block the card number (except for the last four digits) and security code. Other information on the card should be clear and legible.

**Additional information may be required to verify your identity and secure this transaction.**

We can refund your transaction, and you can place the order with a more secure payment method that pre-verifies and ensure us who you are. For example, we will send you a payable invoice that takes about 2-5 minutes to pay via PayPal, Apple Pay, Sezzle, Shop Pay Installments, Coinbase (Cryptocurrency), or cash mailed to our physical address.
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