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My order has not shipped. What is the status?Updated 5 days ago

Quick Facts:

  • Some items have delays mentioned at the top of the description. (See examples below)
  • Packaging after an order is placed usually takes 1-2 days.
  • We will send you a tracking number via email/text as soon as USPS/UPS provides one.

Step 1 (Checking the product's page): 

Check for delays by visiting the product's page.  Delays are listed in red at the top of the description.  

You'll likely see something like this: *Images here are old. Check your specific product today.*

Or something like this:

Step 2 (Contacting support):

If no delay is shown on the product page, let us know and we can see what the issue is. 

Typically, it's nothing to worry about - no matter what, we're here to help.  The most common issues are:

  • USPS/UPS has not picked up the package yet or missed their scheduled pick-up.
  • USPS/UPS and the Atomic Defense computers did not sync tracking information properly, and we just need to update the tracking number manually.

Step 3 (Rare cases - Out of stock, and I did not see the red delay notice):

If you did not see the red notices in the product's description and cannot wait, that's ok!  It happens!

The two most common fixes:

  • Support can switch you to an in-stock product and get that product shipped. (Ask support for recommendations)
  • Waiting for the estimated time window listed in the product's delay sentence. Usually, things are ready to ship faster than the estimated delay.
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