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My order has not shipped. What is the status?Updated 4 months ago

Quick Facts:

  • Some items have delays mentioned at the top of their description. (See examples below)
  • Packaging after an order is placed usually takes 1-3 business days.
  • We will send you a tracking number via email/text as soon as USPS/UPS provides one.
  • We hold stock, that means that sometimes items have to be produced.  Especially uncommon items. It's physically impossible to hold inventory of every uncommon item.  That's why we post delays in the descriptions.

Step 1 (Checking the product's page for Red notices): 

Check for delays by visiting the product's page.  Delays are listed in red at the top of the description.  (*That's the soonest our website allows us to put the information.)

You'll likely see something like this: *Images here are old. Check your specific product today.*

Or something like this:

Step 2 (If no production delay is shown):

If no delay is shown on the product page, let us know there is no delay, and we can see what the issue is. 

Typically, it's nothing to worry about - no matter what, we're here to help.  The most common issues are:

  • USPS/UPS has not picked up the package yet or missed their scheduled pick-up.
  • USPS/UPS and the Atomic Defense computers did not sync the tracking information correctly, and we need to update the tracking number manually.
  • The item ran out of stock and did not update like it was supposed to.
  • USPS/UPS did not scan the package at the first warehouse in Clovis.  Packages like this will appear to "teleport" to your delivery location.

Step 3 (Rare cases - I did not see the red delay notice):

If you did not see the red notices in the product's description and cannot wait, that's ok!  It happens!

The two most common fixes:

  • Support can switch you to a ship-ready product and get that product shipped. (Ask support for recommendations)
  • Waiting for the estimated time window listed in the product's delay sentence. Usually, things are ready to ship faster than the estimated delay.
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