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My order shows as delivered, but it was not.Updated 13 days ago

This question is more for UPS/USPS, but we'll try to help you here with some instructions.

Step 1: Check the USPS/UPS tracking link in the delivery notice to see where it was delivered to or who signed for it.  

Step 2: Contact your local USPS/UPS center and neighbors to see if someone signed for the package.

Most common solutions:

  • Your neighbor signed for the package with the other boxes they received that day.
  • USPS/UPS attempted delivery, but the driver could not get to the door for a signature.  
    • In this case, your local USPS/UPS office can tell you the package's status.  
  • USPS/UPS lost the package?  
    1. File a claim with them.  Click the links: USPS or UPS
    2. Once a claim is filed: 
      1. They will investigate themselves and request paperwork from us or you.  Then, another item can be shipped.  
      2. If you purchased package insurance at checkout, this is Free.  You may need to provide a police report before another package is sent.
      3. GPS data will then be shared with us for the location where the package was lost.

Step 3: *If the package was stolen from the porch.

  1. Delivered and then stolen packages are not Atomic Defense's liability.  You are responsible for having a safe location for the carrier to leave the package, out of public view, or a PO Box.
  2. Homeowners' and Renters' insurance will cover the stolen package and the replacement cost.
  3. File a claim with USPS or UPS, depending on who delivered your package. Click the links: USPS or UPS
  4. File a police report with your local police department.
  5. Send the police report, case number, Officer's phone number, and badge number to our support team.
  6. Once Steps 3-5 information is forwarded to Atomic Defense Support, we may be able to process an exemption to the delivered rule for a replacement to be sent.  Determined on a case-by-case basis and GPS delivery data.  
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