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What I received was damaged from shipping.Updated a year ago

This question is more for UPS/USPS, but we'll try to help you here with some instructions.

Unfortunately, package carriers will sometimes damage, repackage, and destroy packages.  We understand that this isn't your fault or our fault.  Let's work through this together!

Step 1: Start a damage claim with USPS/UPS.

  • USPS/UPS damaged the package contents/product?  
    • Start a claim with them.  Click the links: USPS or UPS
    • Once a claim is filed: They will investigate themselves and request paperwork from us or you.  Then another item can be shipped if needed.  

Step 2: Send between 4 and 8 photos of the box and the damaged item to Atomic Defense.

  • We will complete most of the claim process on our side, once you have started the claim with USPS/UPS.
    • Send us pictures of the damaged box and product so we can provide them to USPS/UPS.

Step 3: Request a replacement item from Atomic Defense

  1. We understand that UPS and USPS can damage products during shipping.  That's neither our fault or your fault.  It's just something that happens.  
  2. Notify Atomic Defense staff of the damaged package: You have started a USPS/UPS claim, and include 4-8 images of the damage.
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